The Majak Team

Mark Klose - Principal Consultant

Mark is an experienced Technology and Finance professional who advises and partners with organisations to select the right solutions to grow your business. He understands that budgets and time to deliver is tight and designs engagements to address these parameters. Fast. Low cost.

He is a leader in business transformation projects aligning the business with customer expectations including the implementation of modern and innovative technology solutions. Resulting in customer growth, cost reductions and higher profits and value to shareholders. 

Mark actively supports and drives strategy development, then supports the strategy execution.

Mark's experience includes delivering transformation projects at Coles, Vodafone, Mobil and most recently at RACGP.

Mark is a sports nut, Aussie Rule devotee  and passionate Collingwood supporter. He has a vision of developing a tribe of club supporters to advocate and grow the game of Aussie Rules for all supporters. See 

Majak Team

Majak's unique resourcing model is designed to suit you, the customer. No cookie cutter approaches, we understand your business and challenges and design the team to fit your requirements. Fast. Low cost.

Majak has partnerships and a network of technology specialists in technology selection, cyber security, project management, project risk and governance, process optimisation, Lean, Agile, software dev (onshore and offshore), mobile app dev, cloud, enterprise architecture, infrastructure architecture and change management.